Operational organization
Coworker conducting analysis
Offer configuration /-organization
Merchandise and stock management 
Real estate management

Operational organization
Operating and quality optimizations
Quality assurance, standards and guidelines
Flow charts, expirations of goods
Analyses of enterprise, objectives, choice of resources

Management and staff coaching
Motivation training
Training programs
Situation training

Coworker conducting analysis
Quality circle
Team operational planning and optimization
Work time models
Staff appointment schemes, job descriptions and requirement specifications
Compensation system, profit sharing models
Coworker selection and administration

Offer configuration/-organization
Selling programs
Product planning and consulting
Price strategy
Special weeks, actions

Merchandise and stock management
Purchase politics, purchase pool
Quality regulations, environmental programs
Basic agreements
Ordering, goods receiving organization
Space needs and stock possibilities
Stock management: Organization, control, turnover, inventories
Goods yield controls
organization of disposal/return system

Real estate management
Upkeeping and maintenance consulting
Spare and new investments
energy saving concepts

Pre–opening management / enterprise set up
Operational management of hotel and restaurants